Welcome to Haarlem
Haarlem City Guide is now for sale (English version)!
Welcome to Haarlem
Haarlem City Guide is now for sale (English version)!

Haarlem City Guide for €9,95

A new booklet about Haarlem! In a handy format, with many photos and tips. Curious? This is it you want to know about Haarlem as a beautiful city. Whether you come to discover for a day, go for a city trip or maybe just moved to Haarlem. Read this booklet and know a lot about the city.

Welcome to Haarlem is written by Paula Zuidhof. She lives in the centre of this old Dutch town. Paula is a local city guide for almost ten years. With her book she shows you the most beautiful – and often unknown places – in Haarlem.


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Or buy our booklet (€9,95) in Haarlem:
De Vries Van Stockum | Gedempte Oude Gracht 27
Muys Kantoor & Kado | Gedempte Oude Gracht 108
VVV Haarlem | Grote Markt 2
Atheneum Boekhandel | Gedempte Oude Gracht 70

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Paula Zuidhof has been a city guide for the VVV since 2015. She guides groups of tourists through the city. She is also a journalist. Paula lives in the historic heart of Haarlem and follows what is happening in ‘her’ city on a daily basis.

We will email you how you can pay and how you will receive the booklet. Price: €9.95 (+ postage €4,05 = €14,)


Welcome to Haarlem

There is now also a version of ‘Nieuwsgierig Haarlem’ for our English-speaking guests with the title ‘Welcome to Haarlem’. Native speaker Eva Roodenrijs, of course

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De Proveniershof in Haarlem is also different from other courtyards. In any case, it is a large courtyard, with an inner garden that is used

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Behind the tower of the Grote or Sint Bavokerk, on the Grote Markt in Haarlem, a thunderstorm is threatening. The tower, completed in 1520, is

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The city is blooming again, the grape vines above the Nieuwe Kruisstraat have leaves again. Come see how beautiful our city is!

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Tulpen in Haarlem

De foto’s die ik maakte voor mijn boekje ‘Nieuwsgierig naar Haarlem’ zijn gemaakt in zomer en najaar van 2020. Heel voorzichtig beginnen de trotse Haarlemmers,

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Schaatsen op ’t Wed

Het laatste ijskoude weekend, zaterdag 13 februari 2021. Op het Spaarne werd wel geschaatst, maar het ijs was niet overal betrouwbaar. Op duinmeertje ’t Wed

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